coach up!


I gave a talk about executive coaching  this week to a group of nonprofit professionals and it was crazy cool! Nonprofit execs work too many hours with too few resources, and practically no strategic support. I want to change that. This means helping nonprofit leaders be more successful — and more fulfilled. Yum!

Important note: 1) transformative change is AMAZING, and, 2) success comes with a price. Stepping into your power can be a radical act, but it can also be a thrill-ride, so if you sign on with a coach, buckle up, baby! On the other hand, if you’re sort of meh about becoming a shinier, brighter version of you, do not, under any circumstances, engage a coach. You won’t like it, not one bit.


WARNING! Do Not hire a coach, if you are:

  • Unprepared to experience transformational growth
  • Unwilling to invest the time and energy to achieve it
  • Not open to considering new perspectives
  • Unwilling to experience fulfillment
  • Unprepared for honest feedback, as your coach will often goad you

Now get out there and get on with your fabulous life!

fluffy clouds of goodness

cream puff

Ah, Janauary. The month of new beginings: new excerise dreams, new diets. The new year begins with so many good intentions. . .and then the Goddess laughs and tosses a wrench in the works. Well, what else is there to do but soldier on? If the worst thing that happens to your new diet is lunch at a French bistro, start counting your blessings, my dear. That’s what our friend the Fundraising Strategist did.


you’re getting warmer

detourIt isn’t so much that we fear rejection so much as that we fear the fear of rejection. As it turns out, rejection itself is not so bad. In 99.999% of the time it is not a judgment, it is not recrimination. We don’t need some “other” to do that to us, we do that to ourselves. When denied what we want we begin to stew, to internalize, berate ourselves for all of our imagined shortcomings. What if we changed the way we deal with NO? What if, instead of fearing it, we leaned in and actually embraced it?  Read more here.