you’re getting warmer

detourIt isn’t so much that we fear rejection so much as that we fear the fear of rejection. As it turns out, rejection itself is not so bad. In 99.999% of the time it is not a judgment, it is not recrimination. We don’t need some “other” to do that to us, we do that to ourselves. When denied what we want we begin to stew, to internalize, berate ourselves for all of our imagined shortcomings. What if we changed the way we deal with NO? What if, instead of fearing it, we leaned in and actually embraced it?  Read more here.

hey, coach!

queenIn this brand-spanking-new millennium, coaching appears to have replaced mentoring. There are life coaches, team coaches, success coaches, executive coaches. Name your profession, there’s  a coach. Fundraising even has it’s fair share of mentors for hire. And when it comes to raising money for a good cause, maybe this is the model for change-management that we’ve all been looking for. Read about our fundraising coach right here.