bee my honey

We all love a good story. We sit around a campfire and tell stories. We sit in a large, dark, room full of strangers just to see/hear a good story. As our friend  Abraham-Hicks says, “The story. . .the story!”  This is a story in dance:

grantwriting 101

fundraising has turned into something of an art in the last decade. Along with the art has come plenty of competition. Why wouldn’t you do all you can to get your grant funded? It’s more than just luck, according to the Fundraising Strategist. Yep.


love and redemption

When the world you know spins out of control and you’re the adult in the house and therefore supposed to know what to do and nothing makes sense anymore and by the way love is never easy; then the wife you so love dies before the marriage counseling ends? Yeah, she might have wanted to opt out. But other than that? It’s your ordinary midlife crisis. Dearest literary friend you will want to read this one.

you lost me there

lessons in fundraising

We like to say that if fundraising was easy, every princess could do it. This is why we rely on our friend The Fundraising-Strategist when it comes to dialing for dollars.

fire and ice

No, really. Climate change is showing up in amazing ways. Hawaii gets slammed with not one but two hurricanes. Permafrost is melting, glaciers are vanishing, craters are appearing across the formerly frozen tundra. If weird science doesn’t frighten you, and evolution is your friend, you will want to read what Scientific American has to say about all this crazy business. 

Get ready for an adventure, people!


still: summer reading

It may be August but it’s still summer and there’s plenty of good vacation reading left to do. Start with Rosecrans Baldwin’s debut novel. It’s a bright shiny star in the firmament of new fiction.

 you lost me there

e-philanthropy and you

Charitable giving is always a good idea. According to one belief system we are all connected. If that’s true, giving to another is the same as giving to yourself.

Our sister site knows a thing or two about giving. Find out more here.