what’s on your plate?

Fiction is a beautiful way to stick a finger in the eye of complacency, don’t you think?  In a debut novel that is both funny and disturbing, Stephan Eirik Clark jumps feet first into a pool of what might be satire, taking a lingering look at how, as consumers of unnatural “food,”  we might unintentionally be the makers of our own undoing. Is it possible? Is industrial food safe? Or is it just funny?

You decide. Read the review here.


time and time again

The time we’re most familiar with is a unit of measurement and the way in which we experience the advancement of our lives. Religious pundits have for centuries described time as a circle, ever evolving upward. Yet every year we experience a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday, making our perception of time both circular and linear. Confused yet? If so, then you need to read Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Ageby Gregg Braden. Braden’s perception of time is more like an ever-repeating, ever expanding circle that ripples out into infinity, both a wave and a spiral, like Fibonacci, where each rotation looks very much like the last, but more of it.


Digital Universe

give me water

there is something very compelling about something so simple as water. get enough of it? take if for granted? watch this vid and change your mind about water. forever.

Fractal Time

Dragon_DNA_by_Firestorm333Fractal Time

          If you look up the word “time” in Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, you’ll see a list of fourteen definitions for time as a noun, eight as a colloquialism, five as a verb, eleven as an adjective, one as an adverb, and no less than forty-one words that start with the word time (time lapse, time-out, time immemorial, to name a few). Judging by the amount of “time” Webster’s devotes to the word, time appears to be as ubiquitous as air. No wonder we don’t understand it.  Read more here…

tote your own bag

Living green can be an intensely personal decision. . .or it can gain such momentum socially that it actually moves into legislation. The state of California is considering oulawing plastic bags. It’s become a status symbol to be seen toting your own canvas or other upcycled bag into the store, and why not?  As consumers we have the choice to affect not just our own small corner of the world, but the entire planet. Is that hubris? It is what it is.


meeting me, meeting you

Have you ever noticed how meetings run your life? Sometimes it seems that meetings have a life of their own and libraries of books have been written on the subject. But what if you had a crystal ball? Would that change how you show up at your meetings?

 Our friend the Fundraising Strategist doesn’t think that’s necessarily a good idea  . . . and she has a little something to say about it.

photo via businessweek.com