Persephone Rising

PersephoneSpring Equinox is on the way, and we’re dedicating a week our delicious deity.

The sap is rising and Persephone is itching to make her escape from the underworld. As a husband, Hades has his faults but he lives in style and there isn’t a reservation that can’t be had as Mrs. Hades.  Still, spring beckons. The daffodils are rising, and the bleeding hearts. Asparagus is in season and ewes are lambing.  Besides, Hades is hot, but he is no George Stephanopolis. In the end, she reminds the poor old dear that a weekend away at Spa Equinox was part of the deal. Goddess bless separate vacations.

make a wish, baby


jinniWe’re all for diversity, including the natural and supernatural alike. Because sometimes, you know, a girl just feels like a golem, and that’s all there is to it.

“It is New York in 1899, and two strange immigrants have found one another. One is a Jinni, trapped in physical form by an evil wizard in ancient Syria and locked in a bottle for a thousand years. The Jinni is released by a hapless tinsmith as he attempts to repair the bottle in the slums of New York.  The Golem is a made to order bride, a woman created of clay and sparked to life with an incantation known only by her creator and by the husband who, minutes after bringing her to life in the hold of the ship bound for New York from Danzig, dies of a burst appendix.

Now we have: two super-humans, lost and made vulnerable by their “otherness.” We also have two strangers longing for connection to something not-human, and yet forced by circumstance to rely on humans and their strange customs. Finally, we have two beings, perhaps the last of their kind, who want more than anything, to live.”