John Steinbeck is My Homeboy.

We totally get the lit crush. Sometimes they are heroes. Sometimes they are friends. Isn’t it nice how that works?

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So, I realised something today. It’s a bit awkward.

In nearly every post, I have either hinted strongly or stated outright that the author I’m writing about is my favourite author.

How many favourite authors can one girl have? As you might have figured out, I have plenty.

But in the interest of fairness, and in order to avoid finishing my final university assignment for the semester, I thought I would have a crack at figuring it out.

Favourite: [adj] preferred to all others of the same kind.

Let’s do this.


After an afternoon of pondering this conundrum, I have come to at least one conclusion: there can not only be one. I actually felt sick at the thought of picking one above another, feeling that they would be disappointed in me, despite the fact that, um, they’re all dead. So I have been very courageous and narrowed it down…

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