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Thanks to Simonet7 for nominating Persephone’s Step Sisters for the Inspiring Blogger Award. We are so happy, we are blushing!

To comply with the rules of nomination, we are providing the following information, here are seven fact about Cynthia, followed by seven facts about Pam:

  1. West Coast, baby!
  2. This morning I woke with the lyrics of a song in my head
  3. I am a vegetarian not because I am philosophically opposed to eating anything with a face, but because I prefer not to dose myself with steroids and antibiotics
  4. I believe (rightly or wrongly) that coconut water makes me faster at Scramble
  5. Thanks to Gonzaga U and Mills College I am a certifiable smarty-pants
  6. Numerologically, I am 5 personality, and an 8 life path
  7. There is the possibility I could be mistaken for Susan Sarandon
  1. East Coast resident; West Coast in my soul
  2. Some day I’d like to meet Steven Spielberg and ask him to teach me what he knows
  3. Family first
  4. I prefer a beach and a good book to just about anything else there is to do
  5. Spending time in nature rejuvenates me while writing balances my soul
  6. Sometimes I prefer the dream space to waking reality
  7. I need some form of exercise everyday, otherwise I’m loopy

We herewith nominate the following bloggers for this wondrous award:

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The Right Mood

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Neo Alchemist

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Seth Godin

Pioneer Woman

9 thoughts on “share the love

  1. Now I’m blushing because I only just now, weeks later, have time to look at this (new time-eating day job). Thanks for nominating me gals. I don’t know if I can work out how to do everything I’m supposed to do to pass on this honour, but I shall try.

    • Michael, good luck with the j.o.b. They really do interfere with the more important business of getting on with life! The award thing is kind of fun, but yes. It is a time suck. But amusing, which counts for something, right?

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