what my yia-yia taught me

go boldly, choose wisely, and blush.

8 thoughts on “what my yia-yia taught me

  1. Nice post, close to my own heart, another person with more questions than answers about the past… have you ever read a novel called The Memory Box? you might like it….

    • I can’t answer for Pam, but I can surely say that I think we get distracted by the map and forget the territory entirely. It took me a long time to take a photograph after offering to take some portraits of my Amish neighbor’s beautiful children, and she sweetly demure, “It’s not our way.” I often think that she lived more minute by minute, not rushing by to the next thing because after all, there would be photos to fall back on.

    • I’ve never done the photo thing myself. I usually stuff things into the back of the closet or a drawer and when I need to clear the clutter in my head, I clean something out and make a Goodwill run. There are some things though, that I may never use, but I will never throw away. I have my grandmother’s glasses, black cat-eye frames with mother of pearl inlay. I put them on once in a while and it feels like she’s sitting next to me. A picture can’t conjure her the way the glasses do. :)

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