We so adored this post we thought we should share the love.


The giant radioactive rodent welcomes you to this post. Civilization staggered!

I actually could have made a lot of money this way…


Go on with your bad self!

And while we’re on the subject…

Why what a unique cover for a party hosting book. I guess “The New Hostess” sits naked by the fire and cooks the guests to serve on bread.

This is more the usual fare:

Incredible cover.

Careful with that “man-about-town,” Night Club Nurse…

…or you may become:

Stick with:

Here’s another pulp gem. I’m assuming “world’s oldest trap” refers to the woman on the left:

If THIS guy hands you a frog in your pudding, you eat it. You eat it and you shut up.

We’ll end on an uplifting note.

Don’t worry…it gets…well, not better I guess…

Oh fine, go have some:

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