bye-bye baby

we laugh, we cry, we blush. oh yes, we do.

4 thoughts on “bye-bye baby

  1. Wow … this post is like my life right now, but I’m a number one and I’m only an honorary demi-Goddess. The tears happened at the start of the process for me, and now I’m dry-eyed and on the move. All the best with your transitions …

    • See? This is what is so cool about the blogosphere. Just when you think you’re out there on the leading edge all alone and profound, you connect with another edge-walker. This morning I walked outside and there was the Columbia River, moving slow and steady like always. I will miss that. Maybe part of the letting go is hoping that it will miss me a little, back. Anyway. Thanks for the good wishes, Michael. Happy trails to you, too. Cynthia

      • “If I know a song of Africa … does Africa know a song of me?” (Isak Dinesen) I think writing can feel so ephemeral that we hope against hope it leaves an impression!

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