give me magic

we don’t apologize. we don’t stammer. we blush.

6 thoughts on “give me magic

  1. I love this blog because you use phrases like ‘gaping maw’. At my day job – a tourist attraction – I often say to people ‘take a mental picture of that, because you’ll need to stop here on your way out’ (it’s a cave). Half the crowd immediately take a phone-cam photograph of the subject, as though that’s what I was suggesting … language is evolving, of course, but thanks for bringing it back before it completely changes!

  2. Wow. You managed to write a how-to that morphs into a delicate beauteous piece of prose. I love that you’re in the classroom sharing all this with young people. You give teaching a good name (from someone who tried and couldn’t keep it up).

    • You are so kind. Thanks. It was a really cool class session. I love my teaching gig. . .and have to admit that it is just a part time job. I don’t know that I could do it full time. Those peeps are amazing.

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