bending time

we’re blushing all over again. curious? you should be.

16 thoughts on “bending time

  1. Hello, I am daniela from Chile, I have sixteen years old and I was charmed with your blog!!! Can you happen for the mine and follow me? Leave a comment me please, thank you!! xoxo

  2. My god, I loved this.
    I’ve been feeling that lately, the desire to bend time. With one in kindergarten and one teetering on the brink of teens. Does it really work? Can I really do it if I close my eyes and sing long enough?

    • Yes. There are many methods, and one is right for you. Pam sings. I just let my mind go all bendy like a rubber band and imagine the time factor that I’m up against can expand just like rubber. The trick is to release focus and a) think about something else entirely or b) just get happy. It’s a nifty bit of magic.

    • One in kindergarten and one almost a teen!! If you juggle that, bending time is a cake walk! More important than bending time, though, is to expand to fit the space of every moment. Interacting with my kids with all my attention, not just the uh-huh’s while I’m getting dinner ready, always does that for me. Enjoy it.

  3. Love the title to this. And the concept, and the discussion. I tend to just ‘ask’ for the time I need (in my mind, to my higher self), and somehow, miraculously, “things” shift, and it all works out. Good reminder, and lovely site!

    • Thanks for checking in, Julianna. Isn’t it nice to know that we can actually make the call and then watch the shift happen? It really doesn’t require any efforting. . .just that little spark of awareness. My favorite current mantra is (breathe in) allowing. . .(breathe out) releasing. It’s almost better than abbracadabbra. :)

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