wise + woman

Well, we’ve blushed again. Read it here . . .because you can.

21 thoughts on “wise + woman

  1. I find myself sad that I did not know your Jean. She must have influenced your world in ways I can only imagine. I think she would be a little bit proud that you spoke of her and not upset over your grieving. She knew you and would understand. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    • Thank you. And to prove your point, this weekend past I was putting photo albums away in the new bookcase my husband just built for me and I found pictures of our wedding that Jean had taken and a note from her about how wonderful the day was. If that’s not checking in from the other side, I don’t know what is? :)

  2. how lucky you are to have known her and how wonderful you write of her, from your very large and wondeful heart. I wish I had known he as well. Delly

    • Yes, it is. Sadly, we are writers, not techies. If you know someone with programming skill whom we could bribe to help us reformat the wordpress template to be able to comment on *all pages, we’re listening. While we’re at it, we’d like to be able to archive all pages too. The shopping list is long. Cheers!

      • I sympathize completely with your plight… it’s true that some of the features that ought to be simple to navigate on the templates, simply aren’t. Wish I had more helpful advice somehow…. but the only way I can figure out how to comment on your blog is via the emails of your posts. that’s a bit of a sticky wicket, isn’t it?

      • Yes! I have experienced wp.org, which allows you to personalize your pages (almost) endlessly. I don’t enjoy the coding business as much as I love the writing business however, so I keep the template we have on wp.com. For now.
        btw: I’ve found that the forums page @ wp is helpful. I sometimes also do a Google keyword search to try to remedy issues, which is helpful. Sadly, the answer I get about the “comments” question, when it arises, usually recommends coding. Boo. :)

      • Thanks for this info. I too have gotten the ‘just type in this long complicated code here and voila!” recommendation, which I have not yet dared to do. Well as long as we have work arounds, i guess we can make do, us un-techy, writer types!

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