please don’t save me

we’re seriously blushing. you can read all about it here.

17 thoughts on “please don’t save me

  1. cracks me up how the anti-abortionists think it’s okay to kill the doctor, but it’s not okay to “kill” the blob that’s unfortunately just a victim of bad timing. usually.

    • Yes, the ideology is flawed on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin. My partner in bloggery however, has no such qualms and knows exactly where to pull the loose threads of that dogma; I’m very glad to say.

    • Wow, I had to do a double-take when I saw your profile pic — “that guy looks so much like Springsteen…” — duh! Thanks for your comments, Rich. As an aside, and on a not completely unrelated note, my husband traded a colleague his commercial diving helmet for a Ural motorcycle — the Ural was a replica of the same cycle made by the Russians in WWII (the current company actually hasn’t upgraded either the design or technology since 1941) — and the story goes that the motorcycle spent time riding with Springsteen as its previous owner, Bruce’s next-door-neighbor, and Bruce rode together in the fields behind their respective homes until the neighbor’s wife made him sell the bike. So our motorcycle is almost famous. Just FYI. Gotta shuffle….

  2. Important and interesting article. I agree that men are afraid of women and have demonized us for thousands of years. The images you bring up here, the notes being taken and then used for what purpose, and when? are spooky. I also think it is important that you point out that that sort of note taking and big brother watching, is happening to all. Perhaps men will need to stand and fight for women to save themselves huh?

    As a side note on men being afraid of women, I am a woman and if I am very honest I must admit that I have and can be quite unreasonable and scary. I have also used my body and my superior [I am serious when I say this], emotional intelligence as a weapon against men. And to get what I want. I have seen this many times in young women. I raised three sons and was around several beautiful sexually free females. Now THAT’S scary, [I’m being serious here too]. For men to trust that we know what we are doing we have to be willing to be responsible for what we are doing. Not sure it’s directly connected to what you are saying here, but I think DEEP in our collective psyche, where men and women are rooted to one another it might be. How do we learn to trust each other?

    I also think it is important that you bring up that men are not a part of the bill you placed on the table here. Where is the father? Is he required to look and are notes being taken if he doesn’t is? It’s a deep question on many levels when one really thinks about it.

    You mention that the development of children is not as important after they are born. This is also a deep issue as kids are no doubt in serious trouble. My family are teachers. We see day to day what is happening to children.They are diagnosed and drugged. The percentages of this are frighteningly high. Overwhelmed mothers and fathers are racing to parent teacher conferences from their jobs.Then telling teachers that the problem their child is having that day is because they didn’t take their medication, or the doctor changed their medication… My question is why is this so?

    I think this bill is down right medieval for the reasons you bring up. But I also see that children who are waiting for their overwhelmed mothers, and fathers, to get home from work, parents who are so overwhelmed that drugging their child is the option, is a real deal problem.

    Is this because men are careless and not available at an emotional level as you touch on? Yes, in part, I think it is. And then why is that?

    There are so many layers to these male, female, and election year battles and weapons. The issues are very deep and quite honestly, meaningful on a, dare of say spiritual level, for all of humanity. I agree that we women need to hold our ground, but is the ground we are rooted in fertile? For humanity I mean.

  3. This is powerful and eloquent. “By the way, in war, are men required to look the enemy in the eye before they shoot.” You’re absolutely right– and you made me think. The looking-in-the-eye thing is very powerful and I see why they’re trying to pass the bill. It might also be extended here: If we all had to watch executions, would they still happen? Now don’t get me wrong– I’m not suggesting that the bill might be a good idea. I am a staunch believer in a woman’s right to choose, and this bill seems redundant and manipulative, an unnecessary expense. It certainly seems predicated on the idea that women are the ones who feel and that their emotions and minds might be easily manipulated with this technology. I wonder if that is true.

    • Thanks so much for your kinds words. We live in complicated times where nothing ever seems black and white anymore, just varying shades of gray. The best we can do for ourselves and each other is to manage our own moral compass. For me, it helps to write. :)

    • Really good post. Nice to know there are others out there who share my views. Other points that should also be considered here are, First: EDUCATION. If we would educate our young in the reality of their bodies, programing and hormones, we might not have a need for abortion the way we do now. Second: Prostitutes, women who don’t think clearly in a crisis, etc, who use abortion as a means of birth control are one of the main reasons used against any woman being trustworthy, to know what to do with her own body (Yet why do prostitutes exist? Yep we know why.). To me this is the same reasoning used on airplanes now. Because of a few who “abuse”, we are all now terrorists and treated as such. Common sense has gone out the window. For supposedly “rational” beings, we don’t reason well at all, much less consistently. The “box” mentality still tries to make everyone conform. This is not and never will be a black and white issue, because we, as humans are gray.

      • Gray and mutating all the time, or as we like to say, evolve or die! Thanks for your thoughtful post! pl

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