coup de grace

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11 thoughts on “coup de grace

  1. Hello fellow grammar nazi =) my experience is more with students who are newly learning English but have aspirations to go to university here, and so yes at times I do feel pity for their confusion…especially with general pronunciation, I tell them that English is influenced by many languages illustrate some examples like “bouquet”, “kindergarten” etc. and ask them contribute their examples, and it becomes a learning experience for us all. Idioms are a whole other story…

  2. Hi Cynthia G, I want to say that it isn\t so simple to figure out how to ‘like’ and leave a comment on your blog! but here I am… I like your post about grammar. Learning Danish over the past year and a half has really given me a whole new appreciation for the English language and its ‘conundrums’ alright! I can well imagine how difficult it must be for non-native speakers to try to master it. Even after 12 years of English as a kid, it remains a tough nut for some. Kudos to you for helping those young adults to become more adept at writing, and how nice to hear some appreciative words once in a while! SB

    • SB, yes, thank you for persevering, and commenting! If I was a programmer and not a writer, I might be able to figure out a way to make the pages likeable. Alas, it is beyond my skill set. And this is why we also post a teaser on the main page.

      After taking a conversational Spanish class I have the greatest appreciation for non-native speakers. . .of all languages. Sometimes you just have to make peace with the fact that language doesn’t always make sense, and then move on. :)

  3. Hello, dear cgregory!

    [I’m sorry — this should be an email, rather than a comment — I’m not sure how to email you.]

    Thank you for following my blog “Testing, testing…”. I would recommend following my blog instead, since that is my main blog, and “Testing, testing…” is just that — it’s my sandbox, where I explore technical aspects of using WordPress. If you follow “Testing, testing…” you’re likely to get announcements about me exploring post types or figuring out how to reblog, things like that. But if you would enjoy to hear about that periodically, I welcome you!

    I was doing technical experiments yesterday, then wanted to reblog Upile Chisala’s fine poem, but forgot that I was still in the sandbox! I’m sorry for the confusion!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for the note. I have followed instructions :) and am now following your main blog. BTW: have you considered not publishing the test/test to avoid confusion? Just wondering. I have several blogs at various stages of experimentation, but only publish one. Anyway, glad to meet you on the blogosphere. Cynthia

      • Yes, I think that’s probably the best way — I returned my test blog to private status. I had it that way originally, but then was getting requests to view it — so I thought perhaps it would be easier to have it public with no real content. But, it seems with some testing, that private status for a test blog is best! Thanks for your patience with the confusion. Yours, Sarah

  4. Again, thanks so much for visiting:) As a fellow educator, I, too, get teary when a student GETS IT!!!!! State standards don’t focus enough on grammar in the K-8 grades; once they get to high school and college, it’s too late to teach these kids how to spell and that nouns and verbs “have to get along.” I’ve taught language arts in grades 2-8; I still teach kids to diagram sentences. It’s helpful, and I’m one of those language geeks that STILL THINKS DIAGRAMMING IS FUN…what’s wrong with me?

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