is my blush on straight?

we have a new post @ first blush. read it here and rejoice.

13 thoughts on “is my blush on straight?

  1. Ha! Funny video and interesting post. My only concern is the real health issues that are connected to the Pill. It seems that we are working with the barrel of a gun that shoots bullets from both ends. Conservative thinking males and females trying to shut women up, down. And the real health threats of oral contraceptives.The very real possibility that they are linked to the almost epidemic of breast cancer in women. Any thoughts?

    • Such a complicated issue. . .with so many levels of distinction. While there may be health risks associated with bc pills, there is no doubt that women should be in control of their destinies, their bodies, and should have access to safe methods of doing so.

      • Indeed, very complicated. And absolutely, we must be in control of our destinies! That word, destiny, conjures up a few perhaps less obvious issues, so to speak. The older I get the more I am convinced that beneath the ‘political’ layers of it all, we [men and women]. are not so different. Both equally valuable, and irrelevant, to the bigger picture. The more profound destiny. Thanks for responding!

      • We so get what you are saying, and really, truly, appreciate the dialog. Here’s to reaching our collective potential, our dazzling destinies. PSS

  2. I am proud of you and this post. I completely agree that if we as women don’t stick together we will never get where we need to be. Too many times I have seen women shoot other women down because cattiness takes over their common sense. It’s a shame. Thank you for your honesty.

  3. A little happy dance for being able to comment on this post =)
    That Rush makes my skin absolutely crawl, but what dismays me is that he actually has staunch followers/supporters! I don’t have anything to say that will ignite any new discussion…but it’s invigorating (and a relief!) finding women who hold the same views =)

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