a girl from the past

I’m working on a new story. Here is an excerpt:

In part, Antonia returned to avoid the burden of regret. The old man is fading and there is only so much time left. Antonia knows that her father will not know who she is. He will know that she is familiar, that she is someone who formed aspects of his life. He may even think that she is his wife, but he will not know that she is the youngest daughter, the one to whom he gave pet names, the one he tossed up into the air and caught in his muscular hands. She will be for him a girl from a past whose context has leaked out. She will represent ambiguous youth.


15 thoughts on “a girl from the past

  1. Hello friend,

    thank you for liking my post.

    Your words are smooth and easy on the eyes,,,I like that in a story


  2. My Mom is 95 and still has a good mind. I am so grateful. This post gives me pause. What a tragedy to have your memory hijacked!

    • Hi Kathleen,
      It’s a blessing and a curse. When the inevitable setbacks occur, he doesn’t remember them soon after (blessing). On the other hand, he stresses out over little things and has to be reminded continually that (for instance) he already locked the door (curse). I am happy that your mom still tracks. At 95. Hurray!

  3. Judging from your excerpt, I enjoy how you let people’s own emotions carry them on their own. Your language describes the situations and the very real, frightening possibilities of Alzheimer’s Disease. What emotions we as readers experience become our own afterwards.

    It’s one of the wonderful things about literature. In many aspects it can be a mirror or a window to our emotions and opinions.

  4. You capture the old man’s disorientation very well – writing (and reading) about this difficult subject can be cathartic. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for dropping by my blog

    • Thank you. . .it is cathartic. In this case, the subject chose me, instead of the other way around. But then, that is how most of my material shows up. Cheers.

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