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Reading. Writing. Spying.

“A recent study has shown many people benefit from rereading familiar stories as the encounter “reignites” their emotions and increases their knowledge.

In broad terms the research found that people were generally keen to return to a well-thumbed book or to listen again to a favourite piece of music so they could gain a “richer and deeper insight” of the experience and increase their understanding.

The study concluded: “Consumers gain richer and deeper insights into the reconsumption object itself but also an enhanced awareness of their own growth in understanding and appreciation through the lens of the reconsumption object. 

“Given the immense benefits for growth and self-reflexivity, re-consuming actually appears to offer many mental health benefits.” 

“Vladimir Nabokov maintained that you couldn’t say you had really read a novel till you have re-read it. On the first reading you may be gripped by the story, and so you read fast…

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  1. I’m a devoted re-reader :) I have my favorites that I read annually – and yes everytime I read them they seem to reveal a new dimension, but mostly it’s just coz they make me feel happy and comfy – like meeting an old friend :) Thanks for your visit and liking my review!

    • Hi Harsha,
      Thanks for checking in. I know what you mean about old friends. . .when I unpacked my books after moving, I suddenly felt at home. It’s a strange comfort there.

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