Six Word Story No. 44

The trail was perfumed with lupin.

sound-of-music-tourThe contest is complete…congratulations to Jessye Hanson! Grrl! An autographed copy of Journaling as Sacred Practice: An Act of Extreme Bravery is on its way to you. Meanwhile: HUGE thanks for playing to: @WendieGregoryAamot, @becomingroots, @MicheleFarhat, @BobHicks, @CynthiaLukas, @Jo-AnnMapson, @KellyMason, @BeccaPronchick, @PattiMcGrealRenspurger, @thecelt58. @LorettaZweig. XO, CG


4 thoughts on “Six Word Story No. 44

      • I’m not familiar with the lupin. From your comment I’d imagine that the olfactory experience is akin to the Frangipani here in Africa. Where is the Lupin to be found, Cynthia?

      • We found it hiking in the Berkeley Hills, greater San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve had lots of rain this year (thank goodness), so we’re having a real wildflower riot!

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